April 11th – April 12th 2013 Conference hall VERITAS, Dominikánske námestie, Košice 040 01, Slovakia

Mgr. Petra Melotíková

The author has been an assistant professor in the Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Sciences of Palacký University in Olomouc, the Law faculty since 2006. She has been researcher of several grant projects and competitions related also to social area such as "Personal Data Protection  in Public Administration". In 2010-2012, she also worked as a manager of the project "Long Life Learning', which introduced a new course of Antidiscrimination clinic. In addition, she teaches Social Security Law and  Administrative Law at the home faculty. She is a member of Gaje - global organization which is focused on the clinical legal education. She is also involved in teaching law at the College of Social and Theological Science, Dorkas.
She participates in a number of training courses and conferences related to social areas and to administrative law, and to legal education (Spain, Belgium). She has already visited or lectured at foreign universities in France (La Rochelle), Estonia (Tallinn) and the USA (Columbia University, New York).



MUDr. Mgr. Jolana Těšínová

The author is head of the Institute of Public Health and Medical Law First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. Is the chairwoman of Medical Law Society of the Czech Medical Association (CzMAJEP), the member of the Ethics committee of the Ministry of Health of Czech Republic, the organizer of Congress on Medical Law in the Czech Republic. Is the lead author of interdisciplinary publications Medical Law (2011).



Mgr. Radek Policar

Is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University in Brno (2000). He worked in the Faculty Hospital in Brno during the period of 2000-2004 as a lawyer, head of the department of public procurement and later deputy chief for legal issues. Since 2004 he works at the Masaryk Institute of Oncology, at first as a head of legal department, since 2008 as a deputy of the director for legal services and personnel and since 2010 as the deputy director.
His activities in the field of health law and other connected fields (management, human resources, safety of information, public procurement) include lectures and consultation activities. As a lector he cooperates with the Faculties of Law, Medicine and Philosophy of the Masaryk University and with the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University, with the National centre of nursing and non-physician healthcare fields in Brno, with the Academy of Health Care Management in Celakovice and with the Society for Health Law and others.
He is a co-author of a textbook “Medicínske právo” (Health Law) (C. H. Beck, 2011), author of a publication Health documentation in practice (Grada Publishing, 2010) and tens of academic texts.
Podílel se na řešení grantu Grantové agentury Univerzity Karlovy „Problematika doložky DNR ve zdravotnické praxi; komparatistika, etické aspekty a varianty právního řešení“, 2008-2010.
He took part in the resolution of a grant of the Grant Agency of the Charles University „Problematika doložky DNR ve zdravotnické praxi; komparatistika, etické aspekty a varianty právního řešení“, 2008-2010.


prof. MUDr. Štefan Lukačin, CSc.






Mgr. Petra Melotíková
Katedra správního práva a správní vědy
Právnická fakulta UP v Olomouci
tř. 17 listopadu 8
Olomouc 771 11
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E: petra.melotikova(a)upol.cz


MUDr. Mgr. Jolana Těšinová
Ústav veřejného zdravotnictví a medicínského práva
1.lékařská fakulta UK v Praze
Karlovo náměstí 40
Praha 2
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E: jolana.tesinova@health.cz



Mgr. Radek Policar
Masarykův onkologický ústav   
Žlutý kopec 7
Brno 656 53

E: policar@mou.cz 












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