April 11th – April 12th 2013 Conference hall VERITAS, Dominikánske námestie, Košice 040 01, Slovakia

MUDr. Miroslav Mikolášik

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MUDr. Miroslav Mikolášik

Miroslav Mikolášik completed his studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Charles’ University of Prague  after  he successfully graduated from secondary school in Nimes (France). He was an external teacher  of medical ethics at the Institute of Medical Ethics and Bioethics in Bratislava. For sixteen years he practiced medicine. He is a co-founder and the president of Donum Vitae-a citizens’association for protection of life from the conception to death. In 1992 the association held World Pro-life Congress in Bratislava with 2400 participants.

He was a member of National Council of the Slovak Republic, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, a member of Committe on Social Affairs, a member of the EU-Slovak Republic Joint Parliamentary Committee. He was a head of the Department for International Relations at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. He was a member of several delegations e.g. a member of government delegation for the Slovak republic at the Conference Cahiro+5 in New York (1999), IV. UN Congress on Women in Beijing(1995), Conference on Population and Development in Cariho where he had  speeches on  family and human rights (1994).
He served as the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Canada. He was elected as president of prestigious Ottawa Diplomatic Association by diplomats of  120 embassies in Canada.
Since 2004 he is a member of  European Parliament, European People’s party fraction for  KDH, a member of the Committee on Regional Development, the Commitee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety,  the Subcommittee for Human Rights. As the Head of  EP Bioethics Working Group he  participates  in  debates on ethical issues  in the field of legislation on biotechnology and medicine. In European Parliament Miroslav Mikolášik was four times named the main rapporteur on significant regulations and directives valid throughout European Union.
At plennary sessions of the European Parliament he actively defends  interests of Slovak nationals as he spoke in plenary more than 280 times in 3 years.


Making legislation in the sector of public health in the EU and its impact on Slovakia

Legislation in the sector of public health is one of those areas governed by the EU Member States. According to the Art. 168 (7) of the EU Treaty the EU respects responsibility of the Member States for definition of their health policies, organization of the health services and provision of healthcare. Member States are responsible for administration of the health services and healthcare, as well as for the allocation of their resources. Art 168 (1) binds the European Union to act in terms of improving public health, preventing diseases and eliminating sources of potential danger for physical and mental health. This leads to the obligation for the Member States to have such health policy which would fulfill the principles of the Art 168 and at the same time they are entitled to create their own systems of the health services and health care provision functioning. European Parliament and Council, in line with the adequate legislative procedure, can adopt motivation measures to protect and improve peoples' health. EU is also authorized to complement national measures in the health sector. The Commission applies a strategic approach for EU health policy for the period 2008 – 2013 presented in the White paper called Together for health: A strategic approach for the EU 2008 – 13. Trend of cooperation enhancement among Member States is reflected also in shared competence with the EU in particular areas with concerns of inadequate protection of human health. In this framework was adopted binding legislation for example for the quality and safety of organ donation and transplantation, substances of human origin - blood, blood derivates, tissues and cells and other. Article concludes by evaluation of the current state with regard to the Slovak legislation.





 MUDr. Miroslav Mikolášik

web: www.mikolasik.sk



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